Friday, June 8, 2007

Track my Performance, and yours too!

Using Coverstor's awesome portfolio performance tracking, I have went ahead and set up a little widget on the right side of my blog, about halfway down, that shows a few of my top holdings in a separate account I manage. This account is different and larger than my personal account, so the weightings of some stocks I writeup (e.g. eylogic and MCZ) may actually be smaller concentrations in this portfolio than I say they are when I refer to my personal holdings.

I just set up the account, so the performance tracker for the time being is largely useless, but it does display the majority of my holdings, as well as brief rationales for several. For those of you looking for a portfolio tracker, I highly recommend Covestor's--it updates automatically, and tracks things like max drawdown, portfolio beta, etc.

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